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We specialize in providing counseing and legal representation to San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento employees and small businesses in a wide range of labor and employment matters, including wrongful termination claims, disability discrimination and retaliation claims at workplace in Northern California. 

With offices downtown San Francisco and downtown Sacramento, we regularly advice private employees and employer as well as the employees of public agencies (state and county workers) on the issues they face at workplace.

Over the past five years we have helped hundreds of clients receive compensation for violations of their workplace disability rights, and we also faciliated a number of employer related disputes, including negotiating severance agreements and reinstatement of employees who were wrongfully fired or were discharged in violation of their contractual rights.

We also provide counsel and advice to both the employers and employees on compliance with disability laws at workplace, including FEHA (Fair employment and Housing act) and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), and other discrimination and retaliation issues surrounding employer-employee relations. 

For more information about disability discrimination at workplace, please visit our disability law blog and also learn about your rights as a disabled worker in California.

If you believe you have been wrongful termination in violation of disabilities laws under ADA or FEHA, feel free to contact us or read our useful article on proving a wrongful termination case based on disability discrimination for an overview of the basic law that applies to these cases.


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