Current Cases

Wright v. California Dept. of Corrections and Rehabilitation (Sacramento County Superior Court) - Claimant was terminated after she was not able to return to work in connection with her foot injury and was denied extended medical leave.  

Fowler v California Dept. of Health Services (Sacrament County Superior Court) - Claimant was deemed AWOL even though she provided all the necessary documentation and information to her employer regarding her disability and need for extended medical leave.

Richard v. Transitional Living & Community Support (Sacramento County Superior Court) - Claimant was denied extension to medical leae due due to the alleged undue hardship that it would impose on the employer, and was terminated. 

Sargent v Alameda County Medical Center (Alalameda County Superior Court)  - Claimant, a registered nurse, was terminated shortly after returning from an 8-month disability leave based on fabricated sexual harassment charges.  

Pennington v Zurich (East District of California - Claimant was terminated after his requests for accommodations was denied by the employer, including reassignment to a vacant position for which the claimant was qualified for.


Arkady Itkin - San Francisco and Sacramento Disabiltiy Discrimination Lawyer

    The most important laws protecting the disability rights of workers in California are codified in ADA and FEHA (Fair Employment and Housing Act).

Arkady Itkin - San Francisco & Sacramento Wrongful Termination and Disability Discrimination Lawyer