Complaining About Disability Discrimination


An employee who consider complaining about disability discrimination because he was denied medical leave or another type of workplace accommodation, has several options. You may file a formal complaint with EEOC or DFEH (California agency charged with addressing discrimination). You may also file an internal complaint with your HR office or upper management or both.  You can also do both - file an internal complaint and also file a complaint with the above agencies.

In most cases, the agencies take a long time to investigate the allegations, and in the end they send a letter stating that their findings are inconclusive, giving you the option of filing a lawsuit against your employer privately (i.e. through a private attorney). The fact that EEOC / DFEH did not find that your employer violated the law does not necessarily determine whether you have a legitimate case agianst your employer. Evaluating your case with a private attorney and possibly seeking second opinion is the best way to determine whether your disability discrimination  / wrongful termination case is worth pursuing in court. 

Arkady Itkin - San Francisco & Sacramento Wrongful Termination and Disability Discrimination Lawyer